happy (almost) halloween! after making 33 costumes for others (most within my shop, some in person), i had to think of something quick for a party. i'm pretty pleased with the ensemble i whipped up this morning. i adore the film, breakfast at tiffanys. i took leftover pieces from the cocktail dress i made and picked up a few trims from the craft store. i also borrowed a dress shirt from david. one nice perk about this costume was that my whole tired-and-disheveled complex totally worked. i think i'll be keeping the mask as a memory on my vanity. what are some of your last-minute costumes?
p.s.: daily grace's last-minute silly costumes. there's a few videos that follow this theme. my favorite would have to be vampire "dairies" ha!



when i watched the following video today, i knew i had to take the time to share.
side notes: i just sent my very final halloween order. i'm so happy, crazed and tired! i wish i had more time to post this month. i think tomorrow i'll finally make a last-minute costume post.


          this is my bed corner currently. i would love to add these lovely things to it. i'm not sure which of the typography pillows and clock color i like best...i think i'm leaning towards the 'cloud 9' pillow and the black 'felix the cat' clock.

bedding + pillows via ksny | kit kat clock via fredflare



          as you may or may not know, october is my favorite month. it celebrates my favorite holiday. it's during my favorite season. and! it celebrates my favorite person, my mama. whom just happened to be born on halloween too! now i usually have a month itinerary already prepared, with haunted locations, corn mazes, themed parties-but i do not. i have been somewhat on a off-and-on-again hiatus from my busy beginning on etsy. i am going to try my very best to post frequently in relation to halloween this month. my only known plans so far are for the poster below and a halloween party i host every year, since i am unfortunately too old for trick-or-treating. boo!