a scott and rudd sammy.



          these photographs make me want to visit every vintage shop in the area and rummage through all the costume jewelry of yesterdays. perhaps the shoes can be my next project. simple but beautiful, no?

sources: necklace, ring, shoes, earrings.



          after posting this, i realized i've never posted about the shirley and the shirelles! they are so sweet. they've been singing together since highschool. the shirelles were discovered at their highschool talent show singing "i met him on a sunday" acapella. i love that they go way back. they were the first all-female group of the rock era to reach the number one pop.



          have you checked out this sale? if you're new to modcloth, you can get an additional $10 off your first purchase! i'm not sure if this is how retail therapy works, but after i bought myself these shoes and socks - i got right back to work. a fast attitude change from my last post. it was a peaceful half-day though. back to work!

other notable sale items:
1. winter waltz dress in ivory
2. jill stuart set the room a-bow dress
3. sailor squad shorts in red
4. levels of fun platforms
5. shine by me collar in mint
6. macaron to something coat



sources: flickr and etsy

          today will be the first day in a long time where i take it easy, all day. i woke up rather sick - stuffy nose, sore body and no voice. usually i put a lot of pressure on myself to do at least 3 productive things a day. today will be an exception. i will read, watch movies and count all the shapes i can find in my popcorn ceiling.


amelia earhart

80 years ago from today, amelia earhart became the first woman to fly across the u.s.a.

in reference to the first plane she saw: "i did not understand it at the time, but i believe that little red airplane said something to me as it swished by."
did you know:

  • miss earhart recieved the distinguished flying cross for being the first woman to fly solo across the atlantic ocean. she was the first person to fly across the atlantic solo twice.
  • she spied her first flying exhibition during wwi, as a nurse's aide for the red cross. she also worked in a hospital in ontario, canada.
  • amelia worked odd jobs, including driving a truck and working at a phone company, to earn money for flying lessons. her instructor was aviator anita "neta" snook.
  • the first plane she bought for herself was a yellow biplane that she nicknamed "the canary." in 1922 she and the canary flew an altitude of 14,000 ft., setting a world record for women pilots.
  • in 1923 she became the 16th woman to be issued a pilot's license by the fai, federation aeronautique internationale.
  • along with breaking records, she formed a women's flying club called 'the ninety-nines' and wrote books.
  • earhart was the first woman to fly an autogyro and the first person to cross the u.s. in one.
  • the first person to fly solo across the pacific between honolulu and oakland, ca.
  • the first person to fly solo nonstop from mexico city to newark, new jersey.
  • the first woman to fly nonstop coast-to-coast across the u.s.

          at age 39, amelia disappeared over the pacific during an attempt to be the first person to fly around the world. truly an inspiring woman and an icon of success and triumph.


ps: to learn fun facts of what i think are iconic women, visit my women's history month label.

penpals + writing letters



          want to exchange something pretty via snail mail? all you have to do is be a follower of this blog and leave a comment below with your e-mail address, that or you can e-mail me with your address at contact[@]

          you have the option to either: receive a letter, postcard or a letter and a postcard. whichever option you choose, you will have to return the favor. we can continue writing or not, it's just nice to receive something handwritten in the mail! cheers to good ol' fashioned letters.

          i knew i wanted to make this post after i received a letter from holland by susie from even sweeter dreams. if you'd like to participate in her snail mail exchange you can do so here. it's little things like this that make me smile.

writing letters
tips adapted from the daring book for girls
  • write a handwritten thank you note or letter when you receive a gift or other form of hospitality.
(start with thank you, mention how the gift will come in handy (or that you appreciated being able to stay with them when you visited their location) and if applicable - mention that you are looking forward to seeing them at some future event. sign off with "love," "with gratitude," "yours truly" or your preferred words.)
  • take it slow and write legibly.
  • the best subject to start with is your friend's last letter.  don't start with a long apology of why it took you so long to write back. go on to what you wanted to write about.
  • don't repeat yourself, this will result in both of you doing so in habit.
  • if you feel you have written a letter with too much "vinegar and pepper" put it aside for a while and rewrite it while adding a little "honey" instead.
  • if your friend makes a severe remark, either make it unnoticed or make your reply less severe. if your friend leaves a friendly remark, make your reply more friendly.
  • when controversial correspondence occurs, don't try to have the last word.
  • if you ever write jestingly, make sure to exaggerate as to make it obvious.
  • if you mention adding something to the letter, as soon as you do-take a break and find said thing. 
  • a classic personal note has five parts and can be handwritten or typed:
the heading: date and (optional) address in the middle of the page.
the greeting: it can begin with dear or simply their name with a comma and line skipped afterward.
the body: the beginning of a paragraph is indented and no lines are skipped between.
the closing: skip a line to write your closing line such as - " all best," "sincerely," "with love," etc.
the signature line: this is where you sign your name. if you are typing the letter, skip 3 lines to type your name and then put your handwritten signature above your printed name.
  • if your letter contains postscript, skip a line after the signature line by writing "p.s." and end it with your initials. common mistake: an additional postscript should be noted as p.p.s. rather than p.s.s.
the last tip reminds of a very good film i watched a couple years ago, "mary and max"

ps: my own small tip - if it's your first letter to someone, start by a current update about you, keep it simple. if it's your first letter to a stranger, again keep it simple and tell them about yourself and your current endeavors. include a question or two for them.



from left to right: alexa chung, refinery29, bentrovato

          i love dressing up my comfy t-shirts. a collar is a cute fix too. do you have any tricks?

ps: for those that have noticed, i've changed my url from michelle tree to michelle mignon. i'm going through phase 2 of a makeover. i'm looking to announce some exciting news along with makeover completion by the end of the month.


          i am loving this vintage photo of schoolgirls sporting their best collars. especially the plentiful-scalloped one at the tippity top. i've been scrolling through etsy for more collar inspiration. it's like a pretty frame for your face, no?



          july 5th marked my 4 year anniversary in california. i love you, california! before we turn 5, my wish is to visit disneyland. i've never been before. actually, i've never been to any of the disney parks before! this shocks most of my friends because i am known for playing my disney cds in loops and attending disney on broadway.

          here are a couple outfit posts i did for minnie mouse and mickey mouse last year during halloween season. in my opinion, it's the most wonderful time of the year!

ps: happy 100th birthday julia child!



(brigitte bardot on set)

            this picture reminds me of a time when i would play solitaire with a deck of cards. i was probably 10 years old and at the time, i lived on an island where i spoke their language funny and the electricity would often go out. i think this is when i really started to enjoy time to myself.

          i think it's important to feel just as special by yourself as you are with someone else. there's a video i've been watching at least once a month for the past couple years that reminds me of that, by andrea dorfman and poet tanya davis. distance from your closest friends and family can really test you. i still believe i have room to grow stronger. here i have a few notes that have helped me and maybe some will help you.

do something new. i think i often make the excuse that i just don't have the time, but when i think of my usual (downtime) routine: browse the internet, read and watch a movie--i know i can replace at least one of those activities once a day. i could even significantly shorten my time doing these things and make room for something else.

have a long shower or bath. i try to do this once a week. there's something soothing about water that just makes me feel happy, if you're happy enough - sing or hum too! on that note, don't stay inside when it rains. leave your umbrella and enjoy it.

experiment. have you had an idea you left in the back of your thoughts and kept it there because you weren't sure it was going to work? keep a journal and write all these ideas down. label the time these ideas would take. try to do these often. if one doesn't work, at least you had an idea and that's a wonderful thing to act on and keep in practice.

answer your questions. the internet can be a great place. take time to research whenever you are curious about something and don't know the answer. for example, how do you make your own chocolate, or what makes stars circular? knowledge is an interesting quality.

set a new world record. something you accomplished alone is surprisingly comforting.

start a garden. it's a process, but having your favorite fruits, vegetable and herbs right in your backyard is rewarding and most of all, good for you. taking care of something and watching things grow by your efforts - is enough to put a smile on your face. cook with your freshly grown ingredients.

pamper yourself. do all the things that make you feel your best. your favorite hairstyle, wear your favorite dress, put on your favorite shoes, paint your nails with your favorite color. take time to try new styles too. take yourself for a walk and take time to think of your favorite non-things in life.

take pictures. make your memories last and collect these moments on paper. frame something and you'll have a story to tell.

art. draw, paint, use a medium you've never used before. be thrilled by the new textures and practice. sew something. fix your clothes. take clothes that you don't care for and make something new.

decorate. make your space a space you love. you can always redecorate. start simple and add to your satisfaction. wake up in a place that will make you happy. declutter with the things you don't love.

dance. this is my only form of exercise, dance to everything and anything. dance seriously, dance silly, just dance! singing is encouraged but not necessary. make up a dance to a song. watch videos on different styles of dancing and learn new dances from around the world.

music. learn an instrument or keep practice with the ones you know. teach yourself your favorite tunes and make one new just for you. listen to new music and old music, discover more music that interests you.

language. pick up a language you've always adored, like french or maybe you like italian better. watch movies and listen to music in this language. pay attention to pronunciation and read and write in this language. maybe cook yourself something you've never tried before from their recipes. you might find a new regular meal. teach yourself all the accents you can find in your first language, it will make you an amazing storyteller.

magic. learn magic tricks with common objects. perform them for kids you know and meet at random times. if you get them good, their faces will be priceless.

contact your friends and family regularly. even making 5 minute phonecalls is thoughtful and makes it less of a task. check how they are, tell them a joke and wish them a lovely day. write letters to them and remember cards for holidays. remember when emails were once more exciting than something handwritten? have pen pals that are complete strangers.

explore a new place. go to local places you've never been to or take a bus to a completely new city or town. make your adventure. you never know what could happen, who you will meet, the conversations you'll have or the new things you'll find that you like. talk to strangers, if you have something good to say, say it. if you like his hat, say it. i bet you you'll make someone's day.

sleep. get the amount of sleep that makes you feel best, if that means a nap - take a nap too. keep a dream journal and write or draw what you remember as soon as you wake up.

take advantage. take advantage that you are alone and do the things you like to do but would feel uncomfortable with company. be as silly as you feel and laugh about it.

get a pet. i couldn't think of a more genuine companion. these creatures are caring and these creatures are innocent. if you can't afford a pet, be a pet sitter. can you think of a better second job?

be kind to your neighbors. make them a sweet treat or a bucket of useful items. say hello and wave instead of looking the other way.

donate. whether it's your change or time, make a difference in something you are passionate about.

set up a movie night. dress up to the theme of the movie. make homemade popcorn or cotton candy.

read outside. catch some sun rays and enjoy the breeze as you flip through the pages of your book. explore new reading spots. read at the library or a cafe.

start a blog. blog about whatever interests you. read blogs that interest you. let that person know when you enjoy something they post.

take time out. meditate. clear your thoughts and get back up again.

         above all, i think when you are happy with yourself, being kind to others becomes easy and that is a beautiful behavior that can really change the world.

ps: last week's giveaway is now closed and the winner has been announced!


the green jacket
(inspired by this amazing window display!)

                           romantics anonymous is a french love-story about two shy people who fall in love. i was reminded that this movie has been on my list by kate gabrielle. for those with netflix, add it to your queue! i knew as the opening song played (the one above), i would love the film. the sound of music references were adorably priceless. it was difficult to watch at first because i painfully related to the female in the film, hopelessly romantic and in love with chocolate. i remember thinking once upon a time and ever too often, "if i just keep quiet, things will work." a very similar thought that was expressed in the film. i was comforted by the male having his own set of anxious quirks too, versus other films i have seen where the male is the stronger one and balances the relationship. these introverts meet by working together. the girl goes to anonymous meetings for "emotionals" and the boy goes to a therapist. he hires her in his close-to-bankrupt chocolate company. together these sentimentalists make a team and it works. that gives me hope.


          a couple days ago, i saw this film for the first time with my boyfriend's parents. i think it would have to go down as one of my favorite double dates yet. i knew the soundtrack, i just never got around to seeing the movie. i'm glad my first time was in a theatre because there's something magical about a 40 foot screen. 

"i will be the only one there in a white-- it is a beautiful dress. i love you!"

          just a fun fact: natalie wood wears the same bracelet on her left wrist to hide the surgery she had after shooting the green promise. the bracelet became her trademark and can be spotted in all her subsequent films.



hat - vintage, dress - derek heart

          a couple days ago we made sushi for his family and went swimming late at night. this is what the sushi looked like, yay! i thought it would be easier to have him take a photo of my outfit that day (usually i use self-timer). oh boy, i was wrong. the giggles attacked which ensued in many hand-blocked and me-hiding-in-my-hat pictures.



          yesterday i went shopping for fabric in los angeles. (getting prepared for halloween!) i had to stop by my favorite restaurant for dessert, bottega louie. their earl grey macaron is my absolute favorite. it made me want to try and make my own batch this weekend. you can find the recipe here.



          pretty things about this dress: the inverse peter-pan collar, the tiny polka-dot lining and outside detail, the brilliantly-muted pink color, the couple little back buttons, and the flouncy sleeves + skirt.

         i discovered this dress on uttu while flipping through their lookbook.
 needless to say, it was immediately loved.



          did you know julia child, josephine baker, hedy lamarr and harriet tubman were all spies for an intelligent service once upon a time?

          pictured above: a few members of the girl guides during the first world war. they were the british version of the girl scouts. they would often carry secret messages for higher authorities.

          if there was any woman who inspired me to collect secrets, she was michelle trachtenberg as harriet in harriet the spy. below i collected some tips from the daring book for girls.

how to be a spy

one rule: don't get caught!
whistle signals
  • one long blast means "silence"
  • a succession of long slow blasts means "scatter"
  • a succession of quick short blasts means "close in"
  • alternate long and short blasts mean "look out"
hand signals
  • forward: swing your arm from your back to front.
  • retreat: circle arm above the head.
  • halt: fully extend arm above the head.
secret codes
  • write each word backwards
  • read every second letter
  • use numbers for letters ie. a=1, b=2, c=3
  • reverse the alphabet ie. a =z, b=y, c=x
  • sliding scale alphabet (move the alphabet by one letter ie. a=b)
  • use invisible ink (write with lemon juice, after it dries, hold it up to a light to read)

did you know that in world war II, women spies would wear something called an "escape and evasion" scarf? the scarves had maps printed on the inside for less detectable route planning.

spy team positions:
  • the agent-in-charge (head spy, all spies report to her)
  • the scout (scopes landscape's safety)
  • the tracker (alerts spies when target is in range)
  • the techie (tech-savvy, draws maps and keeps notes)
  • the wheel artist (organizes the getaway)
  • the stealth master (sneaky, often the smallest, quiet)
  • the social engineer (people person, interacts with suspect)
of course, you could always go solo or duo!



this a giveaway for a *8.5 jeffrey campbell unicorn princess heels. i purchased these shoes a couple years ago from modcloth with no luck in fitting into them, or returning because it was on final sale. note these do run small, so i would say these shoes would better fit a size 8 regular. i completely adore these shoes, i hope the lucky winner will too!

how to enter:
you must be a follower of this blog.
leave a comment below and a way for me to contact you.
(ie. blog, twitter, e-mail, facebook, etc.)

for additional entries:
tweet "I just entered a giveaway by @michelle__tree"
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pin the shoes from the post.
become a fan on facebook.
become a follower on pinterest.

winner will be chosen randomly and announced in one week's time. good luck to everyone!

*by the help of a random generator, the winner is lindsey from et tu, tutu? thank you all for participating!


          a few nights ago i went to 40 foot films for the screening of 'wait until dark.' now i love a good thriller, but i must admit i am among the jumpiest. there's one scene in particular that made me jump over my date. usually leap frog isn't a common movie-watching activity but i make good practice of it. in my defense, i like to think that my exaggerated movements are made up for by my lack of screams. i think i would have been the only one in the theater screaming if i didn't jump, haha! 

          i was unexpectedly inspired by the young actress julie herrod. she played gloria, audrey hepburn's guide. for those of you who don't know the film, audrey plays a recently-blind woman. those two team up in a dangerous attempt to beat the bad guys. you'll have to watch the film for the rest! if 12 year-old me and gloria ever met, i imagine we would have been great friends. a strong curiosity for real-life adventure and an affinity for antique toys would have been enough for us to make a life-long pact.



hat - vintage, shirt - diy, dress - my etsy shop

          it's no secret that funny face is my favorite audrey film. i love a movie with a strong female that leads a life of no compromise. this look may not be as popular as her cigarette pant + turtle neck, but it's a comfortable ensemble for my lounging and reading. best detail yet, the dress has pockets! i may be in slight denial that it's summer...given my wool hat and dress, not to mention my sunny san diego estate, ha! i don't think i've ever been quite this excited for my favorite season to arrive. i love you autumn!

ps: after practically 1 year since the arrival of this very blog, i finally posted an outfit! can you believe it's that time already? i'm going to try to post an outfit at least once a week!