pink bucket list

"situated north of the cap vert peninsula in senegal, northeast of dakar, lake retba, or as the french refer to it lac rose, is pinker than any milkshake you’ve ever come face to straw with. and once you see it, you too will agree that a sippy straw may be in order over a boat. experts say the lake gives off its pink hue due to cyanobacteria, a harmless halophilic bacteria found in the water. if the color weren’t enough to make you smile, it should be known that lake retba has a high salt content, much like that of the dead sea, allowing people to float effortlessly in the massive pink water. in fact, lake retba has an almost one and a half times higher salt content than the dead sea."
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          can you imagine? it's like swimming in a strawberry milkshake. i'm taking a necessary "vacation" from blogging for about 1 week. i have a collection to finish for my very first fashion show by next week. excited for everything!


happy father's day

"This photo was taken around midnight on a Brooklyn-bound C Train. The son was sprawled out on his father’s lap, sleeping. The father was cradling the boy’s head in his hands. It was a pretty touching scene, and I wanted to photograph it, but I was very tired myself and I wasn’t sure how much I’d be able to capture from such a close distance. Then suddenly, the father lifted his son into a sitting position, and leaned in so they were touching faces.

I quickly pulled my camera from it’s case and snapped a shot. One of the most natural, beautiful moments I’ve ever been able to capture."

i thought i would share this wonderfully-captured candid moment via humans of new york.
happy father's day everyone!


pretty paradise

dreaming of a carribean getaway.


intermission: if you haven't seen this film, you can view the whole thing via youtube! i love movies with strong female leads. anna karina plays a sentimentalist but violent character, marianne. marianne renoir is one of my favorite fashion-iconic characters. marrianne, marianne, la la, la, la.
goodbye humongous post! current playlist:



          this is a quote that will stay with me. emma stone said this as she was accepting 'the trailblazer award' at the mtv awards last week.



          my friend, emily, had shared this speech with me today. it's a screenwriting speech, but i feel that any human can relate. especially those attempting to be and/or are in the art industry. as i was listening to this speech, i wasn't so much connected to the idea of what it was i wanted to create for my work, but who it was that i wanted to become.

my personal favorite highlights:

"i'm just telling you off the bat that i don't know anything. if there's anything that characterizes my writing, i always start from that realization."

"i write screenplays for a living, but it's not what i am--i'm not those things. i'm a person who does this and i struggle with it."

"you may never get those 2 hours back, but hey-- you'll never get any 2 hours back."

"say who you are. really say it in your life and in your work."

"i wouldn't give it up for certainty because when you're certain, you stop being curious."

"allow yourself the freedom to change as you discover."


girls in paper dolls

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ps: these are actually in my order of favorite characters. only 3 days more for another episode!


flicks + facts

          i've actually never been to a drive in. it sounds a whole lot more comfortable than a packed movie theater. i always go to theaters early or in the wee hours to avoid the old famous "which drink is mine?" confusion. also, taking my usual film buddy a.k.a. my blanket, without strange stares, sounds like a done deal for me. maybe for my birthday? i had a whole traditional birthday party planned in my head - pin-the-tail on the donkey, limbo, pinata, etc. but alas, with my new temporary illness and unexpected vacation from work, i will not be able to afford it. still i have these movies to look forward to! i've also been catching up on a lot of films i've had on my list for quite some time. oh netflix, how i adore you.

*some of these are coming soon
1 take this waltz
2 damsels in distress
a cat in paris
4 your sister's sister
5 the perks of being a wallflower
6 to rome with love

          it's been a while since i did a film feature. is this something you guys would like to see more often? let me know! if there's anything else you can remember me not doing in a while, or would like to see more of, inform me in a comment below. i'd love to hear from you all!


combinations to consider

consider these fun combos as something you can add to your swim wear!

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seventeen smiles

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          the shop is up! i had a bump in the road this weekend at the ER. most people get the chicken pox once. some get it twice. guess who's the lucky latter? i am doing my best to recover, lots of films and gelato have been used. i missed a couple days here so i plan on triple-posting, maybe more, today.

          this is from my favorite moment of the photo-shoot. a homeless woman with rats in her sweater came by the steps and one of her rats slipped out. he must have been an admirer of high heels because he loved carly's shoes. she was such a good sport! it made my day.