these girls are 12 & 8. that harmony is going to take them places!


daydream rings

i can scroll through their one-of-a-kind rings all day. what a charming video.

ps: did you know etsy now has a wedding registry? oh, the possibilities.


happy french mother's day

          hope you all had a great mother's day this month! my family & i don't celebrate mother's day until the last sunday of may. does anyone else have a different date for mother's day?
quote via my american mother's day post.
photo: lucille ball & daughter lucie!


beau's birthday preview

tonight i'm celebrating his in this little black dress + statement necklace via rent the runway
ps: i am wearing a similar shoe but dreaming of jimmy choo!


how to dress

this pretty much completely correlates with my design philosophy. what's yours?


the great gatsby trailer

          carrie for christmas, starring in the great gatsby? sign me up! i'm a bit jealous that she is nearly my age & getting to play side-by-side with my first celebrity crush, leo. this trailer made me dance with excitement. thoughts?



          i want to remember how it started. i want to be wrapped up in today and not the worries of tomorrow. i want to commit but stay mostly the same if things don't go our way. i don't ever want to deny the way i feel today, the way i felt, and how i want so much to always remember my first love.



this a sister post to my dive in. these photographs make me feel like taking a dip. come on summer.
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prada for nada

           i fell desperately in love with these prada sunglasses. as you have seen and/or will see, i have daydreamed about them on 1 2 many occasions. i was very happy to find these similar shades at a steal of $26! dreams do come true & just in time for summer.

ps: this is the first pair of sunglasses i have ever bought for myself, i lost my mom's old pair. bummer.

shabby apple

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this is a welcome post to a new sponsor, shabby apple, such a cute co.!


things i'm afraid to tell you: wave 2

          i try not to lose my sense of reality by being brief in posts. i don't however want to leave the impression of vagueness. i am becoming slightly more personal but it can be difficult when you are warped by the perfect idea of a "female lifestyle" that our blogs might reflect, but like all women, like all humans, we are complicated creatures. we are coming together and sharing.

things i'm afraid to tell you:

1 i sometimes fear success. i adore simplicity and i'm afraid that with success, i'll lose all wonderment in my current ideal lifestyle. i want to just have the things i need & a small closet of only clothes once adored, i made myself or made for me. i want to be able to count the things in my house. i don't want a home to be more than i can handle. i want to be my maid, my butler, my nanny. i want to put the rest of that success into traveling expenses, a future for my maybe-family, but most of all - feeding those starving for education and nutrition. i don't want to write monthly checks for a charity, i want to go somewhere in need and make it happen. build schools, create community cafeterias and clothing drives of my own creations. right now i pack meals every once in a while and drive to homeless pockets of my city and give there. i just hope that no matter what, i will find the time to do these things & not collect luxuries in their place. it's probably true that none of my intentions will change, it's just an unfamiliar privilege to me and i hope that won't change me to a negative light. i am nowhere near my goal, and my expectations are still sky-high.

2 i am happy for the bad parts in my life. i believe that the troubling parts of my childhood have made me a better person. my step-parent was physically abusive. it's how i lost my first tooth, but i remember quickly forgiving them because that meant the tooth fairy would visit me. i remember sophia loren once said "poverty is the best present my parents gave to me", and i understand the gratitude that comes with that now. now that the welts and bruises have gone, i feel proud that i am only left with forgiveness and a feeling that is happy and free. i risked a lot taking loans for my education and moving to the city. i know i am well on my way and doing better than i have ever been.

3 if someone is screaming in anger, even when not directed towards me,  i'm crying. the same applies to dogs and cats (barking and hissing).  people tend to say this is a cute mannerism but it really does terrify me and annoy myself by it. i feel that my communication lines towards that life is broken. with that said, i do consider myself a philanthropist to the fullest, i try my best to be helpful to the kindest of people, just the same as i would to the meanest. i do love animals and hope to one day have 5 dogs. actually now that i mention it, i cry whenever i have an intense feeling. even happiness or "cute-overload", my hearing is temporarily gone and all i can feel is overwhelming euphoria and my peripheral goes dark for about one minute. i'm glad to say this mostly happens when i am in company of a new batch of baby animals.

4 i wish i could see myself as i see everyone else. i love that no one looks exactly the same, to me that is beautiful. there are days that i feel like smiling because i am a part of that. but there are also days where i alienate myself from everyone and think of my flaws as bad things. those days happen more often than not. especially since i started uni. my first year was most difficult but it's been getting so much better. i have strayed from unwanted company, and wrapped myself in friends, family and real love.

5 i am afraid that i might abandon my maybe-husband and first-born. i have a heart that is literally too large for my body, because of this it can potentially cause complication in future pregnancy. i am afraid of dying during the process. i want to be a mother so very much.

there you have it. feel free to link me if you post your scary things. stay curious and strong. cheers.

ps: sometimes i eat ice cream for breakfast.


happy mother's day

          happy mother's day to all the mamas and future moms! food for thought: you don't have to be a mother to be a motherly figure. take note: be kind & helpful to the younger generations striving to be in your place.



sometimes what's missing isn't something new, but rather more of the same.
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take a little inspiration from your meals as you dress yourself!


floral dress

          mother's day is around the corner & it's my favorite holiday to go pattern overload, in floral to be specific. looking for a more simple statement? pin a flower instead or make one for your hair. have fun!
sources: 1, 2, 3
(from left to right: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)



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the sun is shining so sort out your scarves! here's 28 ways to tie on a scarf:

kentucky derby

happy cinco de mayo! hope you all enjoyed a cocktail with chips and salsa, while watching the hats & horses. cheers!