did you know:
1 she has been in 84 titles.
2 born as jane mallory birkin in london, england.
3 has a bulldog named dora.
4 daughter of actress judy campbell and lieutenant-commander david birkin.
5 1965 she had been chosen to play in a musical comedy "passion flower hotel" by john berry.
6 "di doo dah", her first solo album, was released in 1973.
7 serge gainsbourg, who later became her husband, met her at a french audition. she broke down from pressure, not knowing much french, and got the part.
8 jane has two children: charlotte gainsbourg with serge gainsbourg, and lou doillon with jacques doillon.
9 birkin's humanitarian interests led her to work with amnesty international on immigrant welfare and aids issues. she has visited bosnia, rwanda, palestine and israel.
10 hermès was seated next to birkin on a flight from paris to london. she explained how she couldn't find a leather bag she liked and that's why she had a straw bag. he created a light supper leather bag for her and later named it the birkin bag. both the straw bag and hermès bag became her signature accessories.
(source: tbd)


did you know:
1 born as marian evelyn faithfull in london, england.
2 the first time the f-word was spoken in a movie was by her in i'll never forget what's'isname (1967).
3 poet allen ginsberg named her "professor of poetics, jack kerouac school of disembodied poets."
4 the rolling stones' song "as tears go by" was written by mick jagger and keith richards, their first collaboration, for her.
5 was best friends with anita pallenberg when they both dated the rolling stones band members (faithfull dated mick jagger and pallenberg dated brian jones).
6 john lennon's 1966 song "and your bird can sing" was inspired by mick jagger's relationship to faithfull.
7 lives in paris with her manager françois ravard.
8 daughter of eva, the baroness erisso, and major glynn faithfull, a wwii british spy.
9 has been sober and productive since the 80s after spending 5 years homeless in london.
10 working on a follow-up to her 1994 autobiography, "faithfull", which is being turned into a screenplay.

happy women's history month!


did you know:
1 born as vittoria marisa schiaparelli berenson in new york, new york.
2 berenson's maternal grandmother was the fashion designer elsa schiaparelli.
3 she was one of the top fashion models of the 1960s, a favorite at "vogue".
4 best friend of cabaret co-star liza minnelli.
5 berenson is chairman of the board of culture project.
6 she was known as "the queen of the scene" for her frequent appearances at nightclubs and other social venues.
7 yves saint-laurent dubbed her "the girl of the seventies".
8 she has been in 66 titles.
9 she also guest hosted an episode of the muppet show.
10 she most recently appeared in the film i am love.
          what a ponytail...this makes me want my hair to grow so much! marisa berenson is the epitome of bohemian chic. my favorite film starring marisa is barry lyndon, right next to cabaret of course!

happy women's history month!


did you know:
1 catherine has appeared in 112 pictures, including 2 from this year.
2 deneuve published one album in 1981.
3 she was born as catherine fabienne dorléac in paris, france. deneuve was her mother's maiden name.
4 her parents were both in the film business. she made her debut at age 11.
5 the film that brought her stardom was jacques demy's 1964 musical 'les parapluies de cherbourg.'
6 deneuve speaks fluent french, italian, english and is semi-fluent in german.
7 her charities include: unesco, amnesty international, the climate project, children action, children of africa, orpheleins roumains, reporters without borders, handicap international, voice of women for democracy & several charites for aids and cancer.
8 she has sheeps and a donkey. she had a rabbit, a hamster and a korean squirrel when her children were young.
9 she was the face of chanel No. 5 in the late 1970s. her image was also used to represent marianne, the national symbol of france, from 1985 to 1989. she is considered the muse of designer yves saint laurent; he dressed her in the films belle de jour, la chamade, la sirène du mississipi, liza, and the hunger.
10 she loves gardening, rats, mice, reading, dogs, cats, marilyn monroe, the night of hunger, antiques, decoration, drawing, photography, designers, paris, country and nature.

catherine deneuve: "i always try to keep that feeling of being on the edge. i'm afraid of knowing too well and seeming mechanical."

march twenty-sixth

did you know:
1 jean performed in 27 pictures in hollywood & france.
2 born as jean dorothy seberg in marshalltown, iowa.
3 seberg made her debut in her first film, saint joan, in 1957.
4 her name was entered in the 18,000-contestants talent search by a neighbor.
5 miss jean was embarrassed by all the attention, having little to no experience.
6 jean made two films after the first harsh criticism, then decided to try france.
7 there she became a star in the french new wave films, most notably À bout de souffle.
8 in 1969, she appeared in her first and only musical film, paint your wagon.
9 fbi illegally obtained her information to use against her. many believe this resulted her suicide.
10 seberg supported the naacp, native american school groups & the black panther party.

"Money doesn`t buy happiness. But happiness isn`t everything." -Jean Seberg


did you know:
1 born as jamesetta hawkins in lansing, michigan.
2 also known as miss peaches & the matriarch of r&b.
3 james is regarded as having bridged the gap between rhythm and blues and rock and roll.
4 etta is the winner of six grammys and 17 blues music awards.
5 she was inducted into the rock & roll hall of fame, the blues hall of fame, and the grammy hall of fame.
6 james called her mother "the mystery lady" whom gave birth to etta at 14. she was raised by multiple caregivers.
7 she first sung at her church at the age of 5, leading and attracting large crowds to watch her perform.
8 the director use to beat her to sing for his friends, this lead to much trauma in singing on demand.
9 she was discovered in a girl group, the creolettes, by johnny otis. he suggested her stage name by reversing jamesetta.
10 james had two sons, donto and sametto. both started performing with their mother on drums and bass guitar.
"you can't fake this music. you might be a great singer or a great musician but, that's got nothing to do with it. it's how you connect to the songs and to the history behind them." - etta james

march twenty-fourth

did you know:
1 she knew how to speak russian and english.
2 natalie got her big break in the 1947 film miracle on 34th street at age 8.
3 natalie received her first academy award nomination for her starring role in rebel without a cause.
4 miss wood admitted to be upset when her voice as maria was overdubbed in the oscar winning musical west side story.
5 born as natalia nikolaevna zacharenko in san francisco, california. natalie took her last name from director sam wood.
6 according to warren harris, natalie's only professional training was watching hollywood child stars from her mother's lap.
7 she became the first performer, voted the year's worst by the harvard lampoon, to show up and accept her citation.
8 splendor in the grass was her transition film from child actress to adult.
9 wood did sing when she starred in the 1962 film, gypsy.
10 she made 56 films during her short 43 years.

"my mother used to tell me that the cameraman who pointed his lens out at the audience at the end of the paramount newsreel was taking my picture. i'd pose and smile like he was going to make me famous or something. i believed everything my mother told me." - natalie wood


did you know:
1 carmen miranda was 5 feet tall.
2 her nickname in the business was 'the brazilian bombshell'
3 in the 1940s, she was the highest paid performer in the US.
4 she was one of the five commemorated as a latin music legend via stamp.
5 carmen was given her stage name by her father, who was a fan of bizet's opera "carmen".
6 born as maria do carmo miranda da cunha in marco de canaveses, portugal.
7 she is considered the precursor of brazil's tropicalismo.
8 before she was a samba singer & dancer, she was a hat-maker.
9 carmen has her own hollywood square named after her.
10 her last performance was on the jimmy durante show, she fell to her knees during breaks, but finished the show with the audience unaware of her troubling state. she died from a heart attack that same night.

(at the beginning of her success) "i say 20 words in english. i say money, money, money, and i say hot dog! i say yes, no and i say money, money, money and i say turkey sandwich and i say grape juice."

march twenty-second

          she just may be my favorite lady on broadway. andrews is so sweet and has such regal mannerisms. mary poppins was my first j. andrews film and it has left a lasting impression. below are 10 fun facts, quotes, photo collage & playlist.
"sometimes i'm so sweet even i can't stand it."

did you know:

1 she was born as julia elizabeth wells in england. her last name was changed to andrews when her mother remarried. when she writes her children's books, julie uses the pen-name "julie edwards".
2 in the 1960's, julie's car had a bumper sticker that read "mary poppins is a junkie".
3 disney paid tribute to the great actress by naming the stage where julie filmed mary poppins and 40 years later, the princess diaries, the julie andrews stage.
4 julie andrews is best friends with carol burnett and have done many skits together.
5 julie was 19 when she made her break into broadway, starring in "the boyfriend."
6 sings scales rather than songs in the shower. she is reported to have perfect pitch and was able to sing notes only dogs can hear at age 7.
7 she adopted two children (amy and joanna) from vietnam with her husband, blake edwards.
8 julie insists on taking her own tea bags whenever she travels. her preferred brand is the uk brand pg tips.
9 andrews was made a dame commander of the order of the british empire for services to the performing arts.
10 julie's charities she helps out are unicef, save the children and operation: usa.

richard burton: (speaking of his camelot co-star julie) every man i know who knows her is a little in love with her. 
christopher plummer: (julie's the-sound-of-music co-star) working with her is like getting hit over the head with a valentine's card.


a beautiful story of street performer turned french star. watch la vie en rose if you haven't already!

did you know:
1 she was born as edith giovanna gassion in belleville, france.
2 later known as "la môme piaf" which translates to "the kid sparrow."
3 grew up on the streets and was discovered there too by louis leplée.
4 famous french playwright and director, jean cocteau, wrote "le bel indifferent" based on edith piaf. her first acting role.
5 from the age of three to seven, piaf was allegedly blind as a result of keratitis.
6 at 17, she had her only child, a girl named marcelle, who died of meningitis at age two.
7 leplée had been killed by mobsters with previous ties to piaf.
8 she had a string of temporary lovers.
9 she was denied a funeral mass by the roman catholic archbishop of paris because of her lifestyle, still her funeral procession drew tens of thousands of mourners onto the streets of paris and the ceremony at the cemetery was attended by more than 100,000 fans.
10 marion cotillard played edith piaf in the 2007 french film "la vie en rose."


did you know:
1 elizabeth has violet-colored eyes.
2 she was made a dame by queen elizabeth ii.
3 elizabeth was the first actress to earn a million dollars for her role in a film. this film was cleopatra.
4 born as elizabeth rosemond taylor in london, england.
5 lived in the home that was once of frank and nancy sinatra.
6 started taking ballet lessons since the age of 3.
7 as a child, people referred to her as an "old soul."
8 taylor's first break was in 'lassie come home.'
9 she considered michael jackson as one of her closest friends.
10 her aids organization raised $83 million in the twelve years following its creation.

happy women's history month!

march nineteenth

"gratitude is riches. complaint is poverty. " 

did you know:
1 doris is the top-ranking female box-office actress of all time with 39 films to date.
2 she is founder of the doris day animal league and co-founder of actors & others for animals. (extra)
3 day produced 650 records as a singer. spending 460 weeks in the top 40 charts.
4 ella fitzgerald inspired her to take singing lessons.
5 the origin of her stage name "day" came from the very first song she performed, "day after day."
6 she ran a successful show called "the doris day show" which her husband had set up right before his death.
7 dancing was her first love. she continued until severe injury to her legs. tiny, her dog became her closest companion during this hard time.
8 doris never liked being called doris day. she thought it sounded like a stripper.
9 she now owns a cat named angel.
10 she has become the oldest artist (age 88) to score a uk top 10 with an album featuring new material.

ps: my favorite film of hers is pillow talk. watch doris day on netflix.

happy women's history month!


did you know:
1 born as zelda sayre in montgomery, alabama. changed at marriage to her husband, f. scott fitzgerald.
2 dubbed nationally as "the first american flapper."
3 she was a active writer until 27, an obsession with Ballet then ensued.
4 she has always painted but when diagnosed with schizophrenia, she painted her most.
5 zelda stirred for the main attention in montgomery's gossip by dancing the charleston and wearing flesh-colored swimwear to appear nude.
6 scott used many excerpts from her journal to model characters after zelda. she was his muse since high-school.
7 she and her husband were known as the enfants terribles of the jazz Age. dubbed by the new york papers.
8 in april 1924, she moved to paris.
9 her biography made her an icon among feminists in 1970.
10 she was inducted into the alabama women's hall of fame in 1992.

ps: happy women's history month!


did you know:
1 born as sofia villani scicolone in pozzuoli, italy. her adopted surname is a slight variation of "toren" after the swedish actress märta torén.
2 she was the first actress to win an academy award for a foreign film.
3 loren is "italy's most awarded actress", recognized by the guinness book of world records.
4 she started her career in naples at 14, she took acting classes and took on a role as an extra in a major motion picture.
5 has over 90 titles to credit.
6 nicknamed "toothpick" as a child. it was 14 when she grew out of her wildly thin figure.
7 a favorite pastime for loren is rolling her bare feet over a wooden rolling pin while watching tv.
8 known as the first woman to reuse a wine bottle as a vase.
9 hated beauty salons, did her hair and nails herself.
10 the archbishop of genoa once said that, although the vatican was against the cloning of humans, an exception might be made in her case.
"the two big advantages i had at birth were to have been born wise and to have been born in poverty. "

march sixteenth

          happy women's history month! today's muse is an actress and was princess of monaco. i couldn't help but use kelly green in honor of her last name. if you haven't guess it yet, the woman of the day is grace kelly. her trademark was her poised, calm, cool and collected demeanor, and blond hair often coiffed in a bun. below you will find a a photo collage, quote, song and 10 fun facts about princess grace.

did you know:
1 born as grace patricia kelly in philadelphia, pennsylvania.
2 she won a golden globe and academy award for her hollywood-breaking film, mogambo. she won an oscar for country girl.
3 she retired as an actress at age 26 to fulfill her duties as princess grace of monaco.
4 her nickname was graciebird.
5 the very first actress to appear on a postage stamp.
6 for her 25th anniversary with prince rainier, he gave her as a gift a theater, the princess grace theater.
7 a scarf crossed under the chin and knotted at the side or nape of the neck is called a "grace kelly".
8 grace kelly didn't like her hand and her fingers, she often wore gloves to cover them up.
9 while pregnant with her first child, grace often used her hermes bag to hide her baby belly from the paparazzi. the company nicknamed that bag "the kelly bag."
10 her favorite flowers were roses. after her death, prince rainier of monaco opened a public rose garden in monaco.

ps: just for fun- i added grace kelly by mika, which features several sound clips from her film "country girl."


          happy women's history month! today's female star is barbara eden, most known for the sitcom "i dream of jeannie." i adored almost every 60's mini dress she wore on the show. below are 10 fun facts and a photo collage.
did you know:
1 originally, they didn't want to cast jeannie as a blonde to save comparisons to bewitched; but barbara had impressed the director most.
2 born as barbara jean morehead in tuscon, arizona.
3 as a child, her mother sang many songs to her family to distract from the great depression.
4 this left a lasting impression on barbara. she began singing in churches and bands, and took acting lessons to improve her stage presence.
5 she was elected miss san francisco, as barbara huffman, in 1951.

6 her hollywood break was when a fox-studios director saw her in the play "james drury."
7 she won a tony for the broadway musical "woman of the year" in 1984.
8 jeannie's evil sister was officially known to nbc as "jeannie ii." it was barbara dressed in green with black hair.
9 "i dream of jeannie" (season 1) was the last television series to be broadcasted in black and white.
10 in the episode "how to marry an astronaut", barbara eden's cries for help from inside the champagne bottle were real. as a prank, director claudio guzmán called "lunch!" and had everyone leave the set, leaving eden trapped in the bottle. while everyone waited in a nearby hallway, the cameras kept rolling, and the resulting footage was used in the episode shown on TV.

ps: the fancy antique bottle in which jeannie called home was actually a decorative jim beam liquor decanter, which originally contained "beam's choice" kentucky straight bourbon whisky. the bottle had been decorated and painted with gold leaf by the show's art department.