Scent defines a memory the strongest. So why not make it sweet? Breath Palette sells toothpaste in many dreamy flavors. Personally I want to try the Cafe au Lait. What about you?


          Daydreaming of a Parisian getaway where my only worries are: what to wear by the pool and what friends would I like to write letters to, all while I re-cleanse in sunshine. Wouldn't it be nice?
          Oh kiss stamp, I've been looking for you everywhere. My lip print on love letters never leaves me aesthetically pleased (and for that I thank you, Hollywood prop department).
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(PS: This is another view of the Sunglasses. I could die in these.)


          Between my Italian language course and David's famiglia, I can't seem to get enough of pasta. As his Nonna taught me, even with the simple combination of garlic oil, salt & pepper; it is perfecta.
          Rainbows, B/W, can you say no to a bowl of that? These film noir cooking spoons are sure to get you into your best cooking zone. Add a framed print to the middle of the table and you have yourself a dinner to remember.
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moonrise kingdom

          I think this film will be my year's Midnight in Paris. I can feel the nostalgia, for a decade I did not live in, already ensuing. Charmed by the female's wardrobe, I have created my own version of her look.

kiss me dress

          I think it's safe to say we all have a crush on the pretty and the darling, Michelle Williams. She has charmed us all with her pixie cut, and Marilyn Monroe persona in My Week with Marilyn. This dress is another precious idea for Valentine's day. Adorn yourself in lovely little kisses. I also adore the short sentiment in this photo!


          Have you seen dessert this cute before? I'm obsessed with the arrangement. Which one do you want to eat?
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xo dress

          Valentine's day is approaching which can mean wardrobe panic for some. Here's a sweet idea to take from Kat Hessen by Viktor Vauthier for Tank's ad campaign. Add kisses and hugs to a dress that is already in your closet. xoxo!


Keep it simple. Keep it interesting. Add a little neon to your wardrobe!

50 characters who wear stripes

          Can you name them all? Answers below the poster! This cute collection of characters was made by Noelle Stevenson. Perfect guide for a dress-up party, I love my stripes!

Top row: Sailor, old-timey bathing couple, Captain America, the Lollipop Guild, strong man, Abed
Second row: Tattooed lady, Timmy from Jurassic Park, mime, Harry Potter, scene kid, Rocky, Audrey Hepburn, Bananas in Pajamas, Noelle Stevenson herself
Third row: Marvel Sandman, Isabella and Hugo Cabret, Juno, pirate, Coraline, Charlie Pace, Mathilda, referee, Waldo
Fourth row: Freddy Kreuger, Sweeney Todd and Mrs. Lovett, Raggedy Ann/Andy, the Fourth Doctor, Margot Tenanbaum, BBC's John Watson, a stereotypical Frenchman, Rat from The Fantastic Mr. Fox
Fifth row: inmate, Miette from City of Lost Children, a gondola man, Bumblebee, Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-dum, a preppy bro, and a barbershop quartet.


Make an entrance.
Be swept off your feet.
Something blue.
Twirl and jump.
DIY ice cream balloons.
Beach fly.
Transform your transport.
Up cake.
Party table.
At first sight.
Wedding arch.
Be young.
Paris picture.
Airplane models.
Sky room.


          Be the funny girl and add this applique to your sleeves. Need to break a serious moment to remember laughter? Say bye to drama and slowly raise your arm to reveal your second disguise surprise. Sometimes the silliest things are the most important things.

Source: Etsy


          As you may or may not already know, I am a huge print lover. This S/S '12 collection caters to my every adoration. I can't pink between the cats and the clouds. Which one is your favorite?

View entire collection at Vogue UK


          Along with the Hunger Games and more of John Green, I like to keep my reading list balanced with comic relief. Here our my 4 top picks in that category. What is a book that you've read that is side splitting and entire-day-smile provoking?