candle and reef chandelier. i always find myself keeping the trimmings of the tree. another fun thing i like to treat myself with is boiling the leftover tree in water for a nice holiday-scented bath. what are some of your simple ways of enjoying this time of year?


if i were a cat lady, i think i would quickly begin collecting feline things.


          i have been anticipating dita's first designer debut and now it's finally here! currently swooning over the second look dress + the tryst trench coat. of course, her collection is classic with mostly black. if this were alternate universe, where i had a glamorous budget for copious amounts of leisure expenses, i would definitely grab these two pieces. isn't the tulle trench just a dream? practical, perhaps not but oh so pretty. view the rest of her collection here. search 'dita'


          a few fall things and memories of mine: an old book + autumn nails, silver + ribbons, homemade seat cushions + chair covers, giving thanks to the neighborhood cats, fruit and veggie turkey, neon orange + lilac lace dress (via renttherunway click this for $20 off your first rental!).

          i hope everyone had a happy holiday in the u.s.o.a. if you're looking to score this black friday but don't like big crowds, modcloth is having a 50% off sale! modcloth virgins should apply this $15 off for super savings.

how was your holiday? did you find anything fantastic during the weekend sales? 

p.s.: my etsy shop is 30% off until monday with the code 'HAPPYSALE'



if only! there is a 25% off sale on modcloth. combine that with this link for $15 off your ($50 or more) purchase, and you have yourself amazing savings! i'm currently eyeing this hello, deer romper. how adorable is the heart-cut out? share your sale finds or wants below!
p.s. of course this wishlist is extended by a previous post, see more here.


          happy (almost) halloween! after making 33 costumes for others (most within my shop, some in person), i had to think of something quick for a party. i'm pretty pleased with the ensemble i whipped up this morning. i adore the film, breakfast at tiffanys. i took leftover pieces from the cocktail dress i made and picked up a few trims from the craft store. i also borrowed a dress shirt from david. one nice perk about this costume was that my whole tired-and-disheveled complex totally worked. i think i'll be keeping the mask as a memory on my vanity. what are some of your last-minute costumes?
p.s.: daily grace's last-minute silly costumes. there's a few videos that follow this theme. my favorite would have to be vampire "dairies" ha!



when i watched the following video today, i knew i had to take the time to share.
side notes: i just sent my very final halloween order. i'm so happy, crazed and tired! i wish i had more time to post this month. i think tomorrow i'll finally make a last-minute costume post.


          this is my bed corner currently. i would love to add these lovely things to it. i'm not sure which of the typography pillows and clock color i like best...i think i'm leaning towards the 'cloud 9' pillow and the black 'felix the cat' clock.

bedding + pillows via ksny | kit kat clock via fredflare



          as you may or may not know, october is my favorite month. it celebrates my favorite holiday. it's during my favorite season. and! it celebrates my favorite person, my mama. whom just happened to be born on halloween too! now i usually have a month itinerary already prepared, with haunted locations, corn mazes, themed parties-but i do not. i have been somewhat on a off-and-on-again hiatus from my busy beginning on etsy. i am going to try my very best to post frequently in relation to halloween this month. my only known plans so far are for the poster below and a halloween party i host every year, since i am unfortunately too old for trick-or-treating. boo!


  • my san diego baseball shirt i found in the little girls section of a thrift store. now all i need is a long tulle skirt (which i'm hoping to win via kittybuck's giveaway), a couple of tickets to a padres games, and peanuts and cracker jack of course.
  • i was so happy to receive these shoes and socks in the mail this week. they make a lovely pair. also, that's my diy pretty painted headboard.
  • one of my favorite perks of attending a fno party was free cupcakes! i decorated my dark chocolate one with blonde sugar, chocolate sprinkles and small flowers.
  • i received these 3 lovely prints from kate gabrielle of scathingly brilliant via her $1 sale last week. i still have them in the pretty little envelope. i have yet to find the perfect spot for display.
  • the ronettes! i was happy to see them in my pre-ordered rookie yearbook from rookiemag. i feel another music post coming, much like this one.
  • this was one of my favorite desserts i've had in a while...cappucino flan with fruit and red wine syrup, a match made in heaven really.
  • free mani with a little requested sparkle plus my currently-reading book.
  • typical dinner and movie night with myself. salmon, cheese, fruit and a movie to match my hand reference. can you guess what movie i watched/am referencing?

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          i've officially launched my halloween collection in my new shop! it's been less than 24 hours and i have already made my first sale :')

          if you like mermaids, bunnies, skeletons and cats - go check it out! i also feel that you can wear these dresses all year if you'd like. just the other night, on FNO, i sported my favorite one.

modcloth: skirt, shoes, socks | my etsy shop: mermaid dress


ps: for a limited time (until 10/2) recieve $20 0ff your first order on modcloth.
pps: use the coupon code MIGNON for 10% off my etsy store :)


a scott and rudd sammy.



          these photographs make me want to visit every vintage shop in the area and rummage through all the costume jewelry of yesterdays. perhaps the shoes can be my next project. simple but beautiful, no?

sources: necklace, ring, shoes, earrings.



          after posting this, i realized i've never posted about the shirley and the shirelles! they are so sweet. they've been singing together since highschool. the shirelles were discovered at their highschool talent show singing "i met him on a sunday" acapella. i love that they go way back. they were the first all-female group of the rock era to reach the number one pop.



          have you checked out this sale? if you're new to modcloth, you can get an additional $10 off your first purchase! i'm not sure if this is how retail therapy works, but after i bought myself these shoes and socks - i got right back to work. a fast attitude change from my last post. it was a peaceful half-day though. back to work!

other notable sale items:
1. winter waltz dress in ivory
2. jill stuart set the room a-bow dress
3. sailor squad shorts in red
4. levels of fun platforms
5. shine by me collar in mint
6. macaron to something coat