a laugh is a smile that bursts.

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mini skirts forever

 "Mini Skirts FOREVER", "DIOR UNIFORM To Mini Skirt". "DIOR Don't Betray THE Mini Skirt", and "B.S.P.M. SUPPORT THE Mini-Skirt". All signs from a 60s petition in dressing up the dress code. Wear them proud, these women fought for them!


          You've worked your year off to the last minute to appreciate loved ones. Have you taken time for yourself  in all this celebration? Here's a treat to make sure you always pen your time in as well. Every year means a colorful new calendar. Start your mornings bright with this vintage inspired etsy calendar. Violet May also has prints from the calendar and exclusive prints. Merry Christmas!


          Surprise a loved one with what looks like your everyday hot chocolate, only to discover cake! Use white fondant, any cake batter, chocolate puddings, and last but not least - marshmallows! Eat up.


          Loving the holiday nails but not feeling confident enough to paint that right or left hand? Before you go to the simpler option, try again and bring a friend! Pretty nails are the best kind of trades. Here's a fast and colorful polish that will still give you that festive sparkle.

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          I try to avoid asking for presents for Christmas since I love surprises, but when a person insists because they're absolutely clueless; try your best to make it a practical item. Something you can keep forever. What's your always-for-keeps pick?
Source: fredflare


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             Part I! Part II! And hello Part III! 5 more holiday dresses this time from Anthropologie. Classics that can be worn all year. Whether it's to work, a date or another event - dress it up or dress it down, these dresses will make your step a little more bouncier.

mambo number five

          Holiday Dress Part II has arrived. This time it's coming from Modcloth. Here's a secret you can keep and we won't tell: spend Christmas with the family and New Years with your friends, why not wear her twice? No one will know. (In case you missed Part I) Cheers!


          Everyone wants the perfect holiday dress. For the next four days I will post 5 dresses from four different shops that I feel have that Christmas feel you were just looking for. Today starts at Lulus. Sexy, classic, quirky or sparkle. What's your style this season?


"For attractive lips, speak words of kindness. For attractive eyes, seek out the good in people."


          This video is so endearing. Give thanks to the little things. With that philosophy in mind, sometimes when big things come along, we don't know how to say anything! I have yet to visit Disneyland. Embarrassingly enough, I can't say my reaction would be far off from Lily's tears. 21 years of harboring fairy-tale places in your head would get to you too!