be a deer, and dress up with your absolute best friend. here are two lovely outfits to help you:


          dress your little lads and lassies as mini-fashionistas with h&m's kids collection. best parts are that this trendy line is affordable and a quarter of the proceeds goes towards a cause for the kids. here are a few looks:

"we believe that children who learn how to read and write are better equipped to make informed choices about their future. h&m will donate 25% of the sales price from our all for children collection to protect children’s rights and provide access to schools in bangladesh. take this opportunity to update your kid’s wardrobe while contributing to a better reality for children in bangladesh."

psst...they have boy items too!


         meet your halloween date: minnie mouse

step 1: sew yellow buttons to your back pockets.
step 2: sew white buttons to your front pockets.
step 3: put on pants, shirt, socks and boots.
step 4: hook your suspenders on.
step 5: slip your hat and shades on, and pick up minnie.



          here's an outfit i played around with for minnie mouse. i'll be making company to this outfit with a mickey mouse set tomorrow. happy disney halloween! ps: mickey's halloween party tickets are on sale now at disneyland. are you in line?
step 1: wear sheer black top under dress.
step 2: add stockings, then shoes.
step 3: place bow and ears on head.
step 4: apply lashes, nail polish and lipstick.
step 5: ask for candy. who would say no when you look this cute?



source: natalie irish

"her charm and philanthropic ways were indeed just the icing on the cake.  alas, it would later be cake itself that would one day try to destroy the promising girl wonder.  one fateful october night miss irish was stricken with a debilitating and misunderstood disease that hospitalized her for weeks.  it ultimately left her completely dependent on a machine that was to be attached to her body 24/7 in order for her to sustain life. when many would have given up all hope, natalie irish did not waiver.  no, miss irish gained a miraculous sense of determination and resolve in her new life as a cyborg..."


“everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.


‎"always be a 1st rate version of yourself, instead of a 2nd rate version of somebody else." -judy garland


“i am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. imagination is more important than knowledge. knowledge is limited. imagination encircles the world.”
— albert einstein