Funny Valentine

Personal Instagram: bambicarina Photo: Z.K.

Do you ever put together an outfit and have your heart set on an item that may or may not exist? 

That has been a reoccurring theme since I was a child playing dress up. However, it's always been fun to challenge myself to make that something a reality and it is at least part of the reason why I went on to study design.

In this case, my imaginary something was red heart-shaped buttons covered in glitter. I think my much younger self would squeal at this idea.

I've been a sucker for a little color lately and place the blame entirely on the beautiful film 'The Love Witch'. Highly recommend it if you're a fan of the mod style and a bit of mischief! As for the glitter detail, I may as well tribute that influence to the burlesque troupe I have been so lucky to be a part of since this last September.

A brush of Mod Podge and a sprinkle of red glitter made this simple daydream come to life. The vintage knit dress, found at a local Buffalo Exchange, originally came with mirror-square buttons as seen here.

These thigh-high stockings that I rip faster than I lose bobby pins are from L'ecole Des Femmes. They are my absolute favorites and their sister dotted pair are quite lovely too. Paired with the nylons are my beloved Joie boots. Not sure what I'll wear once Spring is in full swing, I live in these shoes.
My cap is from Nastygal a few years back and the bag is Marie Turnor.

My new sewing machine is finally here! I'm excited to make more original designs to share in these style posts. I've already made one dress for someone else and can't wait to make more come this Spring! What are you looking forward to this upcoming season?

Inspiration : Ginger Rogers via Pinterest

Witchy Woman

Personal Instagram: bambicarina Photo: Z.K.

It wasn't my intention to look like I was summoning some sort of spirit, but I'm not complaining either. Maybe it was my subconscious telling me to sit down and watch 2016: 'The Love Witch' already. 60s period film set in San Francisco starring a modern day witch? Yes please.

I love the unfinished look of this orange and green warehouse. My neighborhood has so many colorful surprises. I feel motivated to walk and explore more for future shoots. Funny story - as I was I was getting comfortable posing near the open door, an employee came out and told us it would be ten bucks a shot if we wanted to continue taking photos. Always nice to wrap with a laugh.

The orange headband and tie were recycled from an old Reformation romper that was too short for my torso. I have plenty left over so perhaps a matching top is in order?

Dress is vintage and was found at a local Buffalo Exchange. Seeing that there are no tags and minimal finishings, I reckon it's homemade which makes it all the more special to me.

Boots are from Joie. I have the same pair in black and wear them all the damn time (see here and here). I love the fit so much that I couldn't resist buying their sister color on super sale. Plus I need to break my black-shoes-only habit. I didn't even mean to make it a rule but one look at my shoe collection says otherwise. Do you have any dressing habits like this?

Inspiration found on Pinterest: Brigitte Bardot

Take Two

Bless Zúñiga Karina for shooting this look twice! Her photos the first round were lovely but I was not happy with my styling and location choice for this outfit. Here were the best shots from the first take [1 2 3]. I can sense in my face that I was not confident with the final details.

For the second take - I embraced the fact I wear my Joie Boots all the time. The thick belt was swapped with a thin belt purchased from H&M years ago. Now this Kate Spade print dress was a lucky find at my local Buffalo Exchange, the hem and sleeves were shortened while maintaining the adorable tiny ruffle detail on the arms. Since my sewing machine is in the middle of being replaced; I made all the alterations by hand which I found to be more peaceful than anticipated. Overall, I'm much happier about the silhouette and I feel the location fits perfectly!

This cute pink church was built in 1926. The ornamental iron and color reminds me of the school year I lived in Dominican Republic.
Another place that makes me smile when I pass by in my neighborhood.

I felt that my hair from the first shoot was overly-simplified for my inspiration below. For the second time around, I made sure to use most of the bouquet in my hair. I kept those flowers on all day, it was too fun! The always darling Nancy Sinatra picture was found on Pinterest.

What's the last thing you felt the need to improve? It can be anything - an outfit, a recipe, etc. I love reading your comments and little stories, thank you for the warm welcome back on my previous post! Happy Valentine's Day!

Photos: Z.K. Personal Instagram: bambicarina